Alternative Beta Partners


Core Team

The core team at Alternative Beta Partners was one of the pioneers of the implementation of liquid Alternative Beta Strategies as early as 2004. Since then the team helped clients to better understand their alternative investment allocations and gain a cost-efficient, liquid, and fully transparent Alternative Beta Strategies exposure.

Alignment of Interests

Alternative Beta Partners emphasizes long-term alignment of interests. The employees of Alternative Beta Partners own a significant minority stake in the firm. Since all employees of the firm participate in the long-term development of the firm, our interests are well aligned with those of our clients'. The management has invested a large part of their own personal net worth into the firm's various investment programs. Internal money has been invested into our Alternative Beta Strategies since its inception in 2004.

Based on the conviction that Alternative Beta Strategies often provide a more cost-efficient access to many return sources of the alternative investment industry, the research team has been continuously expanded. This has been done in order to research and implement more Alternative Beta Strategies.

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