Alternative Beta Partners

The Firm

Asset Management

Alternative Beta Partners AG is a quantitative global asset allocator whose employees have one of the industry's longest track-records in the implementation of liquid, transparent, systematic, and dynamic trading strategies offering these in a cost efficient format.

The Firm is one of the pioneers of researching and investing in liquid alternative risk premia / betas and dynamic asset allocation models. It has an unequalled ten years track record in alternative beta investing. The firm's offerings are based on numerous proprietary investment strategies aiming to identify and invest in common alternative investment strategies.

Having focused on alternative beta as the core business for all these years, the Firm has now extended its research into the possibility of exploiting the potential of alternative beta by combining it with traditional beta in a dynamical allocation framework.

Corporate Structure

Alternative Beta Partners AG is incorporated in the canton of Zug, Switzerland as an Aktiengesellschaft (incorporated company). Alternative Beta Partners spun out of Partners Group Holding AG (listed as PGHN on SIX Swiss Exchange).

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